The HKLM Difference

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We have worked with many clients to make a positive difference in Africa.

Our approach to making a positive difference in Africa is simple. Our clients spend large amounts of money every year in order to build their reputations and to promote themselves. We help them to do so in a way that will not only build their reputation, but also benefit society. The value the client then gets is magnified.

Their reputation is built and we (HKLM and client) do good at the same time. This can also be leveraged through public relations and other initiatives. For us, it is all about client and community engagement. A three-way collaboration emerges between HKLM, our clients and the communities and countries in which we operate.


Our original brief from Glo was to build a brand that did not look like it came from Nigeria. Our client felt that no Nigerian would buy a Nigerian technology brand. We convinced the client otherwise and created ‘Glo With Pride’ – a proudly Nigerian brand that celebrated all things Nigerian both traditional and modern. It is widely recognised that the Glo brand was a major contributor to rebuilding Nigerian national pride in its early years. To this day this positioning encourages the brand to invest in and support many Nigerian initiatives, from sports to the arts and education, thereby contributing significantly to the upliftment of the Nigerian nation.


Nedbank is another example. For Nedbank’s imagery we collaborated with young, previously disadvantaged photographers. On Nedbank’s retail project we inspired the bank to look at the space as not only a place in which to do financial transactions but also to use it as a ‘community’ space. A space where the community can get together. A space where the bank can teach the members of the local community to be financially savvy or how to be a better citizen. More than that, we wanted to create a gallery space where the bank celebrates the young, up-and-coming image makers and showcases their work.

Stanbic Bank and Singita

Stanbic Bank’s ‘Inspiration Lives in Africa’ is another good example of how we convinced the client to change a typical advertising campaign into a competition that would celebrate and support people doing good in their communities across six African countries.

When we first started working with Singita their brand positioning was to provide ‘the most exclusive safari experience in Africa’.

Today we have evolved their brand positioning into a philosophy with a higher purpose. It is called ‘Singita’s 100 Year Vision’ and their purpose is to ‘preserve and protect iconic tracts of land in Africa for future generations’. This vision is dependent on three equally important pillars: conservation, community and tourism.


As an agency, we ignite the flame of socially conscious and purpose-driven brands. Laying the foundation for our clients and their brands to be good citizens ensures the good work continues, even when we are no longer involved.

Major African brands are emerging every day and international brands are scrambling to get a foothold on this vast continent.

If we can assist these brands not only to do good business (which will help the economies of these countries) but also to do good for Africa, HKLM will be able to make a meaningful contribution across the continent.

That is how we are making a difference through branding and how we are enabling brands to be the change they want to see and experience in Africa.