The brand audit. How healthy is your brand?

You know full well that you’re supposed to have an annual check up with your GP. It’s common sense. Should a health-related symptom be detected early and treated, it’s less likley to become a serious problem later on, right?

So why then did you skip last year’s check-up? You forgot didn’t you? Alternatively, you had a perfectly valid excuse…there was an important meeting and you’ll get round to doing it next year without fail, so you say.

A brand is much like a person. It has a name, a personality and character. It’s active – competing with other brands and interacting with your customers day in and day out. Like people, it needs constant attention and nurturing. It needs to adapt and evolve to keep abreast of rapidly changing market and customer trends.

It’s accepted that a brand is the company’s most valuable asset. It’s also one of the largest investments a company makes; a new brand identity or refresh can translate into millions of dollars in signage, stationery and marketing collateral. The health and well-being of the brand therefore needs to be monitored in order to protect and grow the investment  – At least once a year, a mandatory brand audit should be conducted.

Consider it as important as your own annual check-up with the only difference being that you cannot forget to do it.

HKLM has a developed a simple 10 point Brand Health Check guide to help you make an initial assessment.


  1. What is your brand strategy and when was it last updated?
  2. What is your brand’s essence?
  3. What is your brand’s purpose?
  4. How is your brand differentiated from competitors?
  5. Do your staff live the brand, does the customer experience the passion?
  6. What do your customers think of your brand and your competitors?
  7. What is your brand communication strategy?
  8. When did you last do a brand SWOT analysis?
  9. Is the brand image and messaging consistent in all communication channels?
  10. When was a full brand audit last conducted?

If you can’t answer all 10, call us, we’ll make a house call. Contact Dr. Sean McCoy, Chief Executive HKLM.

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