What is digital strategy?

A digital strategy is a plan to make the most of digital platforms like social media and the web. It’s a technology-focused strategy that aims to boost your brand in the digital world. A strong strategy for digital refurbishes your digital store-fronts, namely your website, digital advertising, and social media presence.

Benefits of digital strategy

Every minute, 43 million videos are viewed, there are 174 000 scrolls on Instagram, 481 000 tweets are sent, 24 million snaps are created and 25 000 Gifs are sent. We live in a digital era. People are spending hours online, exploring the digital space, every day.

If a brand fails to break into that realm and use it to its advantage, it risks falling behind, becoming irrelevant and forgotten. A digital strategy not only helps prevent that from happening, it helps a brand to thrive in digital circles.

Digital platforms need not be separate from your brand. Rather think of them as extensions of it. With the help of a branding agency you can make your digital presence come to life and effectively get those platforms to reflect the brand consistently.

Who needs a digital strategy?

Crafting a digital strategy is one of HKLM’s specialities and should be a priority for new brands, newly merged brands, and any brand trying to make it big in the digital world. Digital platforms provide another avenue through which to build your brand image, making them important in major events like entering the market, re-branding, or merging.