What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the process of sorting data into understandable packages. There are two main streams of data analytics that HKLM focuses on: Marketing analytics looks at all the platforms that touch your marketing (platforms like Google, social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and online advertising). Advertising Campaign analytics looks at how your brand is perceived by the target market. Both forms of data analytics turn information into insights. Data analytics gathers information from multiple sources to give you a solid picture of your performance that can be used for future decision-making.

How can data analytics help me?

Data analytics is a business tool for understanding your brand’s success by analysing your engagement with your target audiences. With this information, you can strategise the way forward to increase ROI, and the potential for reaching your target market; you can amplify your brand message; and focus your activity to reach a specific audience. Ultimately, it helps you understand your engagement, allowing you to switch up your strategies if need be, giving your brand the marketing boost it needs.

Do I need data analysis?

You need data analysis if you have any uncertainty about how you’re being received and perceived in the market. You will benefit from some analysis of your engagement and marketing if you’re struggling to understand the value given to you by various platforms, or if you aren’t sure that the right people are seeing your message, or if you’re unable to quantify your ROI.

How we can help you with data analytics

HKLM offers this advisory service as one of our strategic branding services that looks at various analytics platforms and formulates a streamlined dashboard to answer questions around marketing effectiveness. We help you to understand your marketing successes and failures, so that you can craft a strategy that works for you. We give you comprehensive, data-based answers to guide you forward, allowing you to further enhance your brand.

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