As the only wholly Nigerian-owned telecommunications company, Glo has been our client since its launch in 2003, when we assisted in creating the brand positioning, name, identity and visual language. HKLM was instrumental in positioning the brand as ‘proudly Nigerian’. Since the launch of the brand, Glo has been widely recognised as a major contributor to the reinstating of Nigerian national pride. Glo’s brand communication celebrates every aspect of Nigerian culture – from sponsoring the Super Eagles (the national football team) to celebrating Wole Soyinka (the Nobel laureate for literature) to featuring and sponsoring a multitude of Nigerian musicians, actors and comedians in their marketing communication, showcasing Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity. We are actively involved in all aspects of Glo’s marketing communication from print to digital and the built environment.

The Glo GeoTag app that HKLM designed was created to track where Glo were placing their outdoor advertising across Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic and to cross reference it with their competitors’ placements. This level of data analytics allows Glo to make strategic decisions about where to best deploy their outdoor communication.