NSRI vs Dial Direct Advertising

There is a lot to be said about the narrative and the composition of a TVC. The emotion and the chord that it strikes with its audience is what makes an advert go down in history as an advert that transcends generations.

There are two adverts that are flighting at the moment which are hitting and missing the mark in my opinion.

Missing the Mark

The latest NSRI advert does everything right. It tells a massively emotive story. It is incredibly well shot and has a score that tugs at the heart strings at exactly the right times!

The problem is with what the advert is not saying. It is the “on second thoughts” moment where this advert falls a little short of the mark for me.

The notion that the woman’s father was always helping others is something powerful. It tells of a selfless and giving person who always puts others infront of themselves. The question is “at what cost?”. In essence, he was an “absent father” likened in the narrative as a father who had passed away too young. The advert doesn’t make me want to donate to the NSRI or hold them in high regard as it doesn’t show me the lives that they have made a positive difference in; but rather shows in a gripping way; the hole that they have left in this woman’s life because her father was too busy having to save the lives of others.

Beautifully shot; beautifully scored; beautifully emotional…… But not endearing me to the NSRI.

Hitting the Mark

Conversely this advert; or rather set of creative execution; is not fundamentally memorable. It is at best average. So why does it “hit the mark” in my opinion? Well it is the strategy that is particularly clever in my opinion!

The strategy here is fantastic. Let’s hijack every other insurance advert. Let’s own the share of voice that they are paying for. Let’s get people talkoing about us; when they should be speaking about them.

Not only are they able to use their target market to guerella market on their behalf; but Dial Direct have a bigger data play in mind here. They will now be able to build up some pretty interesting information that shows:

  1. a well educated view of their competitors media schedule
  2. how many of their target market are still “watching tv adverts”
  3. how effective their advertsare in convincing their target audience to join Dial Direct

The strategy is as brilliant as the creative is average. I would be deeply interested to see how Dial Direct use this data and the insights to better plan their advertising and serve their customers.

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