Connecting to your audience

We live in a world of infinites – we have an infinite number of products to choose from and billions of pages of content on the internet to spend our time on. These days’ brands have to work harder than ever to stand out and attract the attention of consumers.

Some brands have managed to overcome this challenge, while others have been broken by the pressure to get noticed.

Castle Lite vs Dove and Nivea

Castle Lite (Castle Lite Unlocks)

More and more brands are dedicating chunks of their budget on experiential marketing. Instead of telling consumers about the product, they allow the consumer to engage with it. Experience sells the not only the product but also sells the brands philosophy.

A brand that does this well is Castle Lite, with their Castle Lite Unlocks activations that date back to 2011 when they unlocked Drake. As a brand, Castle Lite is innovative and constantly on the pulse of urban youth culture.
The brand has brought game changing hip hop artists to the continent like Kanye West, J Cole and Travis Scott. Who like Castle Lite have redefined the industry and cemented their place as innovators.

Castle Lite hosts events leading up to the concert, like last year’s Castle Lite Presents: Extra Cold round table featuring Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai and Riky Rick to have robust and compelling discussions about the music industry. Which had over half a million views on YouTube.

Now Castle Lite is unlocking television with the new show, Castle Lite Unlocks #UltimateHouseParty. A reality show where 16 contestants compete against one another by throwing the “Ultimate House Party”. The winner takes home 150 000.

The show allows consumers to engage with the brand in a way that they don’t engage with other beverages. It also shows consumers that with Castle Lite they can unlock extraordinary experiences from the comfort of their home.
Through their events and collaborations with local and international artists, Castle Lite has firmly positioned themselves as urban, cool and connected to their market.

Therefore, we dub Castle Lite – Lit.



Dove and Nivea

Race, gender, sexuality and culture are some of the most talked about topics today. These conversations can be a way for brands to reach consumers when done well. But when executed poorly can damage a brands reputation.

Dove and Nivea are both examples of brands that have in the past produced adverts that were racially and culturally insensitive.

Doves most recent market blunder occurred last year when the brand posted a video on its Facebook page of a black woman taking off her brown t-shirt and turning into a white woman. The advert was meant with outrage on social media. Dove took the advert down and apologised.

Nivea was the subject of similar outrage when they published an advert that featured former Miss Nigeria, Omowumni Akinnifesi applying the lotion and her skin getting lighter with every application. While Omowumni says that the lotion makes her feel younger.

The advert, which targeted West African and Middle Eastern markets, was pulled by Nivea after it was met with anger. Nivea was forced to pull the advert and issue an apology.

Both brands failed to connect with their consumers in a meaningful way. These communications show Dove and Nivea as brands that don’t know or understand their audience.

Therefore, we dub Dove and Nivea – sh!t.

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