Branding Is A Force for Good

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Brands provide consumers with greater choice, quality and value for money. In fact, brands were the very first form of consumer protection. Branding enhances competition by spurring innovation to achieve competitive success. Branding also simplifies choices and guarantees quality.

Globally, brands are estimated to account for the creation of approximately one-third of the world’s wealth. A consumer society is the basis for a market economy, which cannot function without brands. Brands meet growing customer demand both locally and globally, which means employment and growth leading to increased living standards and social progress.


It’s no longer enough to have a good product, to pay a fair wage and to be first to market. For brands to succeed and have real longevity, they must evolve from a simple economic entity to a contributing member of society.

For a brand to recruit and retain employees today, employees need to believe that what they do matters and that what they do has a positive effect on the world. If a brand acts complacently, immorally and irresponsibly or fails to deliver, consumers will ultimately vote with their wallets and walk away. Branded companies are under increasing pressure to act responsibly and protect their brand reputation through good corporate behaviour – and product quality is paramount to this.

Far from giving companies power over consumers, brands actually give people
more influence over companies’ behaviour.


Brands are an expression of a national identity and persona, giving rise to the
promotion and protection of local customs, language and traditions. They embrace the arts, fashion, sport and an array of culture that builds pride, confidence and talent.

We believe in the ability to showcase the best of Africa and the rightful role of individual countries within it.